"Molly combines her remarkable professional background with an unparalleled commitment to doing things right in and for Guatemala. We worked with Molly to propel a vision (a secondary school designed to connect girls with 21st-century opportunities) to reality. She brought to the table an incredible perspective that combines her professional experience with an ability to code-switch between international donors, local and international staff, providers, and the community where we built.

It is impossible to imagine doing this project without Molly's continual guidance. She has a very keen sense of the different cultural angles that are often otherwise invisible in a project like this. The design phase of this project was not easy, yet Molly showed an impressive level of grit and patience to get things done. She was always ready to put in the extra effort. She is a huge part of the success of this project. "

- Travis Ning, Director Starfish-Colegio Impacto


"I've worked with Molly Molander for almost ten years now on projects --both large and small--at my home on Lake Atitlan.  In our many years of working together Molly and her wonderful crew of local craftspeople, carpenters, tradesmen and artisans have been unfailingly innovative, reliable, fair, honest and timely.  Her work is beautiful, and she is always responsive to the realities of cost, and looks for ways to keep her designs affordable.

A few years ago, Molly designed and oversaw the construction of a little guest house on my property.  She came up with so many wonderful unexpected details for this--including locating an antique door, and designing special windows that opened to the lake in a very romantic way.  When the lake rose--and the water was coming dangerously close--she oversaw the process of taking it down and moving it to a new location, and made it more beautiful than ever in the process. 

She's a pleasure to work with --combining a rare mix of first world training and sensibility with a love of Mayan culture and a very deep understanding of the region in which she works.  I could not recommend her more highly."

- Joyce Maynard, Author and Journalist


"Thank you Molly, for generously donating of your time and creative skills to the community of Santa Cruz. Your pro bono onsite visits and conceptual drawings really helped Amigos kick off a successful capital campaign for the construction of a vocational center in Santa Cruz la Laguna in 2009. Now that we are dreaming of adding a third floor in 2013, we are once again grateful for your service with design ideas, conceptual sketches and floor plans that we can show to potential donors.  It’s a huge help to us! "
- Patricia Torpie, Executive Director
Amigos de Santa Cruz Foundation
Santa Cruz la Laguna, Solola, Guatemala
"From the very first moment I had the feeling that working with Molly was the right choice, not only for her professionalism and skills but for the different ways we were connecting.
The conception and creative phase was such a pleasure. I remember Molly lending me all this beautiful books and saying “you just tag whatever you like, shape, color, light, details without thinking too much…” then sitting together and producing the most exciting ideas, oval windows, oriental arch, fireplace in the middle of the room, colorful floors and surfaces. I was dreaming and Molly was capturing the essence of what I wanted. There was a very feminine connection between us during the whole process.
The construction process itself was intense, with doubts and anxiety, and whenever I felt overwhelmed, Molly and her amazing team were there to reassure me and find the right solutions.  
I wake up every morning amazed by the harmony between myself and my living space and how good this feeling is."
- Daniela
"I have worked with Molly and the Tierra Linda Team since 2007 when myself and my husband purchased a property on the shores of Lake Atitlan.
I cannot speak highly enough of the work done by Molly and her team.  From the moment we purchased the property (in fact even before this) Molly was always available.  She advised us, drew up detailed plans and executed with complete professionalism all the work needed to bring the property up to standard.  As we were working long distance a lot of the time we had to rely on Molly to advise us, make decisions on our behalf and supervise all the work.  She was always approachable, open minded and absolutely invaluable to us.  She went through plans with us and explained everything in detail.  She took a personal interest in everything and was always full of ideas.  Without her input we would never have been able to complete the work needed.  The work done was always of an impeccably high standard.  
I cannot speak highly enough of the Tierra Linda team.  Unfortunately Hurricane Agatha damaged our property in 2010.  This caused a mudslide and an amount of damage was done to our property.  The whole of the Tierra Linda team from the office pulled together and physically went out to the property to help clean up the damage.  I don’t think many architecture offices would show this level of commitment.
As a result of working with Molly, her skills, enthusiasm and energy we have now become close friends.  I know no matter what problem I have, Molly can be approached and she will always be positive and come up with a solution or constructive advice.  Without this kind of input from Molly and her excellent team I would not be able to own a property in Guatemala.  She has made the whole thing a positive experience."  
- Sue
"Molly designed three new classrooms for our primary grades. It was a warm and personal experience, and this was especially important for us since we are teachers working with children. She listened to us very carefully, tried to take in our many viewpoints, and carried our ideas and stream of thought forward. She has a gift for being able to see what others want, even when they struggle to express it. Molly was extremely flexible with us and went the extra mile to assure that we felt good about the work."
- Joshua, Co-fundador Escuela Caracol
I have had the opportunity to work with Molly for almost two years on a clinic and outpatient surgery center project.  Our project was difficult due to limited space and funding.  Molly was easy to work with and did an excellent job in analyzing our space requirements, balancing priorities, and putting all the ideas on paper.  She created some working drawings and renderings that enabled us to share the project vision.  She is a solid professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.  I recommend her and her staff highly.
- Wayne Wiley